The purpose of my blog is to let others get to know me, it is my business card, what I am, what I have learned, what I like, and what I have accomplished through my experience in daily living.

My blog is designed for health; in it you will find different sicknesses and their respective cures; natural or alternative and advice on how to improve each condition.

The blog provides links to different tools across social networks such as videos(tutorials), links on how to prepare the homemade remedies, links to information on different herbs and their medicinal purposes.

Also, my readers will be able to post questions to my email and will be to interact with me about specific inquiries.

Physical Health
•High blood pressure
•Infant health
•Childhood health
•Adolescent health
•Adult health

Emotional Health
•Relationship problems
•Sexual problems
•Adolescent problems
•Emotional conflict


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