Organic Love

I haven’t been getting sick very often. Actually I found as soon as I started bragging to people I hadn’t been sick in a year, that’s when it hit me. I had a pretty bad cold, which turned into a sinus infection. I think I had one last year at about the same time.


So I dislike antibiotics very much (More about antibiotics later). Now I know infections can be serious, and a visit to your doctor may be needed, but I got mine cleared up, and I was very surprised. I had never used a neti pot before, and really dislike the feeling of drowning, but decided to try it since I only hear amazing things. And it was totally worth it. But since I didn’t have time to use the neti pot at work, our specialist recommended I try a product called Xlear. This stuff is amazing. I…

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About Daimy16

I have enjoyed reading and learning a little about everything. I finished high school in the Dominican Republic. I went to trade schools for Travel Agent and Office Assistant when I came to the United States. I have also studied at a Beauty school, Massage Therapy, and currently majoring in Social Work at Mercy college.
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