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I decided to make this soup last night, because I had been away for the weekend, which usually means I REALLY want to cook when I get home. I wanted to make a soup and so I asked my boyfriend which kind he wanted, with a big smile on his face he said butternut squash.

As with any soup, there are many types of butternut squash soups, many of which are made with cream. This soup is great because there is no cream and there are lots of vegetables in it. I have made several different kinds of butternut squash soups and this one is the best (I tried one before with apples and cinnamon in it, and it was quite weird).

I make most of my meals fairly low sodium and in fact I don’t even own regular table salt. So, if you like sodium add more than I…

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I have enjoyed reading and learning a little about everything. I finished high school in the Dominican Republic. I went to trade schools for Travel Agent and Office Assistant when I came to the United States. I have also studied at a Beauty school, Massage Therapy, and currently majoring in Social Work at Mercy college.
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