One of the biggest issues people have with weight control is eating out.  I have heard just about every excuse in the book. The best ones are as followed from least to most ridiculous:

5. I don’t know how to cook

4. I don’t know what to shop for.

3. I hate cleaning up the mess after cooking.

2. The food just taste way better.

1. I don’t have time.

I can understand that some people just have no idea how to cook. But that is no excuse because you can learn how to make simple delicious food in a week of trial & error plus they have these crazy things called cook books.  In them they do this other crazy thing where the give you detailed instructions on how to cook!!! Number 1 is my least favorite excuse because everyone has time. There is no way that throughout a…

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About Daimy16

I have enjoyed reading and learning a little about everything. I finished high school in the Dominican Republic. I went to trade schools for Travel Agent and Office Assistant when I came to the United States. I have also studied at a Beauty school, Massage Therapy, and currently majoring in Social Work at Mercy college.
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