Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the world .346 million people are already affected by it all over the world. India is having the highest number of patients suffering from this menace. And the umber will be increased more by 2025. There are many complications caused by diabetes such as kidney disease, heart disease
and blindness. When too much glucose comes in blood it causes diabetes.
Person with diabetes should avoid sugar, potatoes as their diet is with certain restrictions. Thus they should take some natural sweeteners and a diabetes diet. But now with Steviocal sugar free sweetener you can have your favorite dessert or any other dish you want to eat. It is a natural sweetener and helps you as it is a zero calorie natural sweetener. It is made from stevia extract. It is a very healthy alternative to sugar and now it has become theā€¦

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I have enjoyed reading and learning a little about everything. I finished high school in the Dominican Republic. I went to trade schools for Travel Agent and Office Assistant when I came to the United States. I have also studied at a Beauty school, Massage Therapy, and currently majoring in Social Work at Mercy college.
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